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Andreas Nyström

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Andreas Nyström

Associate Professor Andreas Nyström

M.Sc Chemical Engineering. PhD in Polymer Technology


Research fields: Cancer  Novel tools

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Research Interests and Accomplishments

Our research is oriented in a highly interdisciplinary fashion that has two main directions at The Swedish Medical Nanoscience Center: Theranostic nanoscale polymer based systems for combined imaging and drug delivery , including micelles, crosslinked micelles, dendrimers, and polymer prodrugs mainly focused on breast cancer applications. The second direction is more oriented towards materials science questions in the broader bio and biomedical area, and includes antifouling surfaces and interfaces, resistance against protein deposition etc. The cross-disciplinary research is conducted with partners from both Karolinska Institutet, Royal Institute of Technology and international collaborators.

Background on nanomaterials for drug delivery applications

Functional polymers are an important class of materials that is gaining evermore interest in a wide range of areas extending from nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and biomedical applications. Functional polymer assemblies in the size range of 5-100 nm has been identified as key platforms for the development of nanomedical constructs. One of the prime rationales for using nanoparticles and micelle assemblies in biomedical applications is that their 3-D shape presents a discrete and controllable surface to the external environment and that to this surface a variety of bio-active groups capable of interacting with biological systems can be attached. The key challenge is to develop methods which allow for the incorporation of surface accessible and bioavailable ligands, while also providing domains in which therapeutic components can be incorporated within the nanoscale platform. Such constructs aim to deliver the active component tissue selectively to malignant cells and thereby increase therapeutic effects, minimizing toxic responses in healthy tissue and for the patient in general.


Work phone:

+46 8 524 86942

KI web: Andreas Nystrom


Karolinska Institutet
Institute of Environmental Medicine IMM
Division of Molecular Toxicology

Nobels väg 13
S-17177 Stockholm

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