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New Publication in Lab on a Chip

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Publication in Lab on a Chip:

"A universal platform for selection and high-resolution phenotypic screening of bacterial mutants using the nanowell slide."

The Petri dish has been a staple in microbiology labs for more than 100 years. In an article we published in Lab on a Chip, we reinvented the Petri dish as a miniaturized device called the nanowell slide. Each of the 672 wells of this slide requires only 500 nanoliters of sample, significantly minimizing the amount of reagents used. Single bacterial mutants are placed in each well and monitored through the glass bottom of the slide, with the help of algorithm-assisted analysis. This enabled us to identify genes that influence bacterial growth, metabolism and morphology. By replacing the Petri dish with the nanowell slide, we hope to speed up the process of understanding gene function in bacteria.

link to the article

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