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Ulrika Edlund1

Associate Professor Ulrica Edlund

PhD in Polymer Technology

Research fields: Novel tools 

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Research Interests and Accomplishments

Ulrica Edlund is associate professor in polymer technology and senior lecturer at Fibre and Polymer Technology, KTH. She is an expert in the synthesis, surface modification, and characterization of polymeric biomaterials intended for biomedical applications, such as tissue engineering. She also has expertise in surface modification of polymer biomaterials, through chemical functionalization, grafting, patterning and nanostructuring. Other areas of great interest are the design of functional formulations and packaging materials from polysaccharides and other renewable resources in which filed she is the inventor of 3 patents.
Ulrica has authored close to 60 peer reviewed research papers and was merited with several awards such as the Stockholm Innovation award (2011) and KTHs Teaching Award for outstanding efforts in undergraduate education (2010). Edlund received the title of docent in 2008 and was in 2002 selected as 'outstanding young European scientist forming the future European network' by the by the European Polymer Federation.

Work phone:

+46 8 7907634

Cell phone:

+46 73 6729822


Fibre and Polymer Technology

Royal Institute of Technology - KTH

Teknikringen 56

SE-100 44 Stockholm SWEDEN

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