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20090421-0520 Medical nanosciences and bioelectronics (course no 2308)

The applicability of novel materials, such as conducting polymers, has opened novel possibilities to address questions relevant for various areas in medicine and biomedicine. Such materials also come with a great promise for the development of new generations of treatment regimens and tools for analyzing and steering biological processes. The purpose of the course is to provide an introduction into the fields of organic bioelectronics and material development, such that the attendants are exposed to the new possibilities and prospects provided by the field. The course consists of lectures/seminars given by leading experts of the field. In addition, at the beginning of the course attending graduate students are given an assignment that is going to be presented as a poster at the end of the course. The assignments are to be carried out in groups of two students with different educational backgrounds, whereby students with a biomedical or
non-biomedical background are encouraged to apply. Course evaluation - Swedish

This course was developed into the course Medical Nanosciences (2429).

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