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Cellular and molecular infection biology

In this PhD student course, the students will get an overview of the various aspects of microbial infections with bacteria, viruses and parasites. The students will have knowledge on the level of current understanding of the cellular and molecular mechanisms used by pathogenic microbes, since the course will provide "state-of-the-art-level" presentations in selected aspects of a host-pathogen interaction. The students will be able to give examples of interdisciplinary studies in the research field of microbe-host interactions since many lectures focus on interdisciplinary themes such as microbe-cell interactions, microbial manipulation of host inflammatory responses, pathogen transmission and novel techniques to study microbe-host interactions. Analytical and critical thinking will be encouraged by the course design. The students will also have an improved capability for scientific discussions, since the course provides the possibility to interactive discussions with invited teachers, who will attend the student presentation. After the course the students will have a more holistic picture of infection biology, and hopefully they will be encouraged to apply such new information for the benefit of their further graduate training and even get significant input for their own research.



Agneta Richter Dahlfors 20140923 0013    

Agneta Richter-Dahlfors will speak about "Tissue microbiology"

 Keira Melican 20140923 0023 

Keira Melican will give a lecture on "Intravital imaging of bacterial infection"

Benjamin Libberton 20140923 0036  


Ben Libberton will talk about "The commensal flora and infection"

Charelampos Antypas 20140923 0029 

 Haris Antypas will give a lecture on the topic "Rapid evaluation of antibiotic susceptibility"

Susanne Lîffler  20140923 0033

 Susanne Löffler will speak about Organic bioelectronics in infection



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Svava SteinerSvava Steiner











Karen Butina 1Karen Butina
Xiankeng Choong 20140923 0039Ferdinand Choong                     Salvador Gomez 20140923 0026Salvador Gomez Carretero

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