5th HKU-Pasteur Cell Biology Course 2013

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5th HKU-Pasteur Cell Biology Course Call for Application is now Open (Deadline: 1 February 2013

We are soliciting applications for the 5th HKU-PASTEUR CELL BIOLOGY COURSE (April 14-26, 2012). The major objective of this course is to present imaging technologies utilized to identify key steps involved in infection. The course will also highlight, at a theoretical level, how imaging and image analysis are heavily influencing the investigation of host-pathogen interactions, deciphering cellular pathways and architecture, and visual based screening approaches.  

In the practical work, two bacterial pathogens (Shigella and Salmonella)  will be used to demonstrate different aspects of the successive stages during host-pathogen interaction at the cellular level such as motility, cell contact, uptake, intracellular survival and modulation of host gene response. Participants will use the data from cell-based assays and apply image processing algorithms using ImageJ to discriminate differing stages in infection.

There is no registration fee and course and travel application forms can be downloaded from: 

To prepare the best application and maximize your chances of success, tips for a successful application can be also downloaded from:

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