Cambridgeport J**ZH/ZJ/ZR units are available in the following configurations: cooling only, cooling with electric heat, cooling with gas heat, reheat only, reheat with electric heat and reheat with gas heat. All Rights Reserved. 16. Product Overview, Features, and Benefits of the Series Unit Control Boards (UCBs) SP-SPU Series Unit Control Boards (UCBs) Catalog Page LIT-1900883 Configuring Settings, Performing a Parameters within SEC, Menu navigation, Fault Tables YORK ® Model ZE units are ... (units without economizer or motorized damper option only) at the point of installation. The wiring, believe it or not, hasn’t really changed but a lot of the components have changed. Ultra-high-efficiency models are the most efficient, dual-circuit units on the market, with continual operation in the event of an … 4 Carleton Drive Open M-F 8am-5pm EST. – For changeover control, economizer should be enabled and outside air damper modulate full open if outside air conditi l th 85ditions are less than 85°F(d b lb) b t 23F (dry bulb) or between 23 and 32 Btu/lb (enthalpy). What will remain for the basic economizer is the M7215 actuators. JADE™ ECONOMIZER MODULE 5 62-0331—15 Fig. ¶RٔM#Ô䫺˄rœP5k¢"²2ÞP–îÂ}¼…?ènx¨ò©`s½Tij–×e. 10 x 3/4 inch screws (two existing holes in the flanges on each side). Field. We have 1 York D2CG240 manual available for free PDF download: Installation Instructions Manual . Lennox LGC RTU’s with Economizers 6-21. Stand-alone dry-bulb Economizer configuration with Honeywell MS3103J or MS3105J communicating actuators. York Fitness Orbitrek manuals. 15. At YORK® Process Systems by Johnson Controls, we offer refrigeration and gas compression solutions for many different critical applications for today’s energy, chemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and industrial markets. JADE™ economizers are the perfect examples of Honeywell innovation that makes saving energy easier for your customers. When we buy new device such as York D2CG we often through away most of the documentation but the warranty. Sunline economizers now comes standard ultra low leak with JCI SE control and shaft mounted actuator. York D2CG240 Manuals Manuals and User Guides for York D2CG240. The Economizer is supplied from the factory with a supply air temperature sensor, a low temperature compressor lockout switch, and an outdoor air temperature sensor. the economizer board and OprOAT; 0B/# indicated if OAH 0-10 VDC input to the economizer board is not present. Instructions for FC and GC units with UCB control board. Note: The economizer unit will be held in place except on 4 and 5 ton units, which require the 8 inch plate at the top. To connect the economizer line to the compressor use:. ECONOMIZER Form 120-350 SED (MAY 2010) SPECIFICATIONS - ENGINEERING DATA - DIMENSIONS File: EQUIPMENT MANUAL - Section 120 Replaces: NOTHING (New Information) Dist: 1, 1a, 1b, 1c, 4, 4b, 4c Please cec wwwonsoncontrolscom for te latest ersion of tis pblication ROOF TOP UNIT Y1O Y2O Y1I Y2I OCC 24 VAC E-GND Y1 G W2 W1 Y2 O/B OCC W7220 ECONOMIZER CONTROLLER MODULE THERMOSTAT CO2 SENSOR 2-10 VDC (OPTIONAL) MAT MAT OAT OAT C R R(+) C(-) M32650D … Very often issues with York D2CG begin only after the warranty period ends and you may want to find how to repair it or just do some service work. Use four additional screws through the pilot holes provided in the economizer housing. YORK ® ZJ Series Sunline ... BAS Ready Economizer (2-10 V.D.C. since they installed outside with new ductwork connecting to old ducts. Comfortlink Compressor Protection. Commercial HVAC Manufacturers of Curb Adapters, Roof Curbs, Isolation Curbs & Rails, Economizers, Concentrics, Coil / Hail Guards, Burglar Bars, and Service Platforms & Catwalks. > JADE Economizer Controller Installation Instructions 62-0331 > JADE PC Interface Module Installation Instructions 62-0409 > Zelix Sylk-Enabled Actuator Installation Instructions 62-0274 > Duct Mounting Kit for JADE Economizer Sensors 62-0334; Owner's Guides > Economizer in the Field Tool 63-9730 Znajdź swój Orbitrek i przejrzyj bezpłatnie instrukcję obsługi lub zadaj pytanie innym właścicielom produktu. D2CG 072 - read user manual online or download in PDF format. For buildings with less than 50,000 sq ft and standalone rooftop unit (RTU) applications, JADE is the best solution for a fresh air ventilation system. 1023535 – York 3-12.5 ton Predator Gen. 7 w/ Simplicity Controls (SSE), 1024476 – York 3-6 ton Sunline Ultra Low Leak with Simplicity Controls (SSE), 1025869 – York 3-12.5 ton Predator Gen 6 or Older w/ Belimo Controller, 3A Economizer Parts List (1022355, 1022911, 1023736), 4A Economizer Parts List (1022356, 1022912, 1023737), 74A Economizer Parts List (1022558, 1022936, 1023738), Predator Gen 6 or older Economizer parts list (1025869), Cambridgeport Economizer Troubleshooting & FAQ Guide, Carrier Wiring Schematic for units with Central Terminal Board, Carrier Wiring Schematic for units without Central Terminal Board, OHMS Table (for 10K Sensor & Enthalpy Sensor), Fixed Spring Isolation - Installation Instructions. The units were designed for light YORK ECONOMIZER MANUALS 1023535 – York 3-12.5 ton Predator Gen. 7 w/ Simplicity Controls (SSE) 1024476 – York 3-6 ton Sunline Ultra Low Leak with Simplicity Controls (SSE) 1025869 – York 3-12.5 ton Predator Gen 6 or Older w/ Belimo Controller ... on labels or in manuals, be alert to the potential for personal injury. Types Of Economizers Dry Bulb Economizer - This economizer uses a sensor to determine if outdoor air is at or below a certain temperature, usually about 55 degrees F. If the outdoor air temperature is below setpoint and there is a call for cooling, an actuator opens a damper, allowing the outdoor air to mix with the return air to provide cooling. UNISAB II and manual regulation of the Vi slide. Applicable Wiring Diagrams. These will eventually replace all the existing economizer controls they have made for years (almost). Available YORK starters include a Floor-Mounted Medium-Voltage Variable Speed Drive (MV-VSD) (Figure 3 on Page 8) and a Unit-Mounted MV-SSS The new economizer controller replaces the existing third-party economizer controller. Economizer Controller FIGURE 7 : Economizer Controller SE-ECO1001-0 ((031-03488-000B / 1154013) The Simplicity SE Economizer controller is a newly designed controller that meets the requirements of the Series Package Equipment. Refer to Table 3. An optional economizer and three stages of mechanical cooling are used for occupied. Web Developer, Conversion Instructions Honeywell to Belimo CASECOMZR003AGE, Conversion Instructions Honeywell to Belimo CASECOMZR004AGE. YORK® Predator® units are convertible single packages with a common footprint cabinet and common roof curb for all 3 through 12-1/2 ton models. York Zx Prestige Rooftop Unit Technical Guide 2015-09-09 : York Zx-Prestige-Rooftop-Unit-Technical-Guide york-zx-prestige-rooftop-unit-technical-guide-812347 york pdf Lennox LGC Series RTU Economizers SEQUENCE OF OPERATION, L" SERIES ECONOMIZER • For differential control strategy, economizer will only be enabled when outside air temperature is 5-13 OPERATION The purpose of the economizer is to use outdoor air for cooling, whenever possible, to reduce compressor operation. © 2021 Cambridgeport. Packaged Rooftop Units Superior Efficiency, Greater Control, Unmatched Comfort. With decades of experience to back us up, YORK®refrigeration means industrial refrigeration that you can rely on. York International Corporation . 3. JADE™ ECONOMIZER MODULE 5 62-0331—11 Fig. (See Unit Installation Manual.) 800-648-CURB(2872) The Economizer compressor motor is always equipped with a YORK Unit-Mounted LV-SSS. !âU£×a¬|ΏӁ¼'sIÙÿ0üvÚl¿gòùÙ4~ývþü‡×çཔï¥ÛëZfO”"mwyˆv#+2åå#×44ë2¥U^qXnVd©yzÞQšåQ\ëâán¢ Sabroe Refrigeration ( YORK Denmark ApS). we just had installed york 12.5t cooling andheating system at my business with area of 3700sqft. Back Pressure Valve (30GXN,R and 30HXA only). Honeywell has introduced the JADE economizer controls.