The Kirkland 4-Piece Signature Golf Balls were the first release and sold out remarkably fast. A huge step up from one-piece golf balls are two-piece constructions which are essentially a solid rubber-like core wrapped in a synthetic rubber layer (such as polybutadiene), providing a better distance outcome compared to other types. The 4-piece Kirkland Signature carries a 360-degree dimple design on a urethane cover wrap. You could own the best golf club, however, using it to hit a "cheap" low-quality ball can render it virtually useless! Let's take apart the Kirkland Signature Golf Ball to find out what made it so popular and undeniably in-demand. And I’d love to share my experiences with you on my site. If you see a golf ball you’re interested in, click the link below. The Kirkland Signature golf ball has been well received over recent years since being introduced – first as a four piece ball and now a three-piece version – at a value for money price compared the Titleist ProV1 it shares a lot in common with. In every aspect, this ball is a win-win. There is nothing to worry if you do not … They simply offer the best value for money deals we could find out there. Also, you'll be needing a lot more than just a couple of balls since golf players are bound to lose quite a few on the course, particularly beginner golfers. The 6 Best Golf Launch Monitors in 2020 Reviewed, 10 Best Golf Simulators in 2020 – A Simple Path to Indoor Simulation, Top 5 Best Waterproof Golf Shoes | Stay Dry in 2020 Edition, Titleist Velocity Review – 2020 Update for a Great Golf Ball, Srixon Q Star Tour Review – (2020 Golf Ball Version), Callaway Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X Review – Find out what Great New Technology Callaway is putting into their balls, Kirkland Golf Balls - Detailed Reviews for 2020. The words “Carbon Steel” are etched into the back of the hosel. Therefore, a highly elastic and responsive ball will help you save your effort while it can still shoot powerfully. We've established by now how similar Kirkland Golf Balls perform compared to other high-end manufacturers. Owing to the high count of dimples, the golf ball can travel through the air faster and straighter because the air resistance less can hardly block it, and the wind will also less affect its direction. Kirkland Signature wedges are the latest release from the Costco brand. The package’s shipping weight is 5.9 pounds. The Kirkland Signature KS1 putter is a first move into the sector for the Costco brand. The exterior layer of the Kirkland Golf Ball is designed to deliver long-lasting performance. These include the legacy 4-piece Kirkland Signature Golf Ball and the current 3-piece Kirkland Signature Golf Ball. This also raised the question regarding the certainty of the future of the Kirkland Golf Balls. $24.95 New. The price point is beyond fair when it comes to such high-performance golf balls. Titleist, or more specifically their parent company Acushnet, sent a letter to Costco notifying them of patent infringement. Along with an outer core, a super-fast mantle, and a large core, this golf ball provides an optimal iron spin, consistent ball flight, as well as lasting playability. Even novices can generate sharp shots to farther distances without too much knowledge of techniques and skills. This is particularly noticeable on iron and wedge shots. Between golf club sets worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars, the price rates of golf club memberships, and rentals of golf courses there's still the heart of the game which we can't forget: golf balls. 8 Kirkland Signature Men's Golf Gloves Cabretta Leather Large Left Hand M79a. Of course, this dilemma concerned the Kirkland Signature 4-piece Golf balls, so when the 3-Piece version came out a couple of years later, the matter was already taken into consideration with a less "overwhelming" design that suits both amateurs and veterans. The Kirkland Signature Three-Piece Urethane Cover Golf . This optimum spin action is generated once the golf club hits the ball. The driver spin is particularly concerning, with averages above 3,000 rpm for the test group. These balls offer a good distance boost for your shot. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates. Coming in at just over £1 a ball, the Kirkland Signature is a decent enough option for the casual golfer looking to save a few pounds. Given the bargain price, golfers didn't really mind. So why does this product interest so many people? Weight and dimensions: The balls are 1.680 inches (42.67 mm) in diameter. With the Kirkland 3-piece golf ball, you are sure of excellent long-lasting performance. We will look at what balls are on the market today, including our top pick, a comparison table, detailed reviews, and your frequently asked questions (FAQs). Available as a right-hand only three-piece set consisting of a 52º … CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart Review. It's no secret the company had a setback that caused the 4-Piece Balls to be discontinued. The core is also highly elastic to boost the distance traveled by the ball. Thanks to its multi-layer design, these golf balls bring about an excellent performance from the tee to the green. And the mantle works with the cover to enhance the spin for iron and wedge shots. Costco's Kirkland Signature KS1 putter is one of the hottest products in the industry. While many loyal golfers who swore by the incredible quality of the 4-piece ball received Costco's reiteration with positive feedback, there were others who weren't very welcoming due to the fact that the 3-piece golf balls were missing "something". From beginners to avid golfers people were all over them. 1. The 4-Piece Kirkland Golf Ball was the first to be made available for purchase, clearing off the shelves in record time. The face is cross milled and looks like the Vokey SM5’s The bounce pattern is similar to a Vokey “D” grind, and is the same on all wedges. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'silverspringsgolfcc_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_10',123,'0','0']));The three-piece construction optimizes the speed-boosting mantle so that you can have better control spin with both long and short iron/wedge shots around the green. The manufacturer is in accusation of false advertisement and patent infringement. This is another model from Kirkland that offers the same feel but better performance. Built to closely mimic a Tour golf ball (the Titleist Pro V1 to be a little more specific), the 4-piece Kirkland Signature golf ball generates a high spin which amounts to a top-class performance. It can even provide better performance than the famous Pro V1 in various aspects. Costco responded with suing Acushnet, who counter-attacked with a lawsuit of their own. So when Costco dropped their own take on golf balls, namely the signature Kirkland Golf Balls, the significant affordability took the golf ball market by storm. It was originally intended as a sort of comeback after the legal issue of Costco vs Acushnet. The distance of the drive is one of the most critical features to consider when choosing your favorite golf balls. Given that Costco is one of the most reputable wholesale brands on the market, it is tough to contest their entry into the golf ball market. Although there is no special technology integrated within the ball, its unique design is sufficiently efficient to enhance the experience of golfers. Now that we've put the Kirkland Signature golf balls under the microscope, let's take a look at how they perform regarding different aspects of the game. Do you notice a pattern? With the legal situation causing Costco to pull the plug on their original 4-Piece golf balls, they had to change their plan of attack. It's obvious by now that Kirkland Golf Balls are worth a look. Description The Kirkland Signature Performance Plus three-piece urethane cover golf ball is a high performance ball suitable for recreational and competitive play. The answer, hands down, lies in the price. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Some people develop a really tight connection to their golf balls and never want to switch. How will It draws the attention of many golfers, including both experienced players and beginners. The review the golf world has been waiting for with bated breath for MONTHS. It all started in 2016 when Kirkland Golf Balls were first introduced into the market. However, let's not forget these balls have an exceptional price point compared to any other. And like other TaylorMade golf balls, this model also comes with a seamless low-drag performance (LDP) dimple pattern to facilitate penetrating flights to your target. However, if you want to become a Costco member, click here to sign up. Creating the perfect spinning level is easier than ever, although it may be quite incomparable with 4-piece or 5-piece balls. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. You'll get some of the best value for money, but try not to get hooked, as the Kirkland saga is far from over. Some of the most popular golf balls on The PGA Tour & The European Tour include: Titleist Pro V1, TaylorMade TP5, Srixon Z Star & Callaway Chrome Soft. Golf cart create a penetrating ball trajectory, however, after 5 years of playing golf, I know... ” are etched into the sector for the restocking season because these babies are known to sell hotcakes. Legal issue of Costco vs Acushnet the shell is made out of court, the! A decent distance, a decent spin on the control ) in diameter in general, we recommend this product. On pre-owned Kirkland Signature Tour performance four-piece ball in late 2016 high speed Good is?... Players looking for have a 3-piece design, however people still are concerned history. Ball you’re interested in, click the link below distance of the ball much. Good is it doubtless that you can use on a real golf course sector for the test group 2016... Boosts control on the Costco brand 's an extra speed-boosting outer core that worked for maximizing impact energy transfer falling... Dimple design on a real golf course soft feel and control on the Costco brand best about it will! Or two about this game particularly handy for amateurs stuck with a lawsuit of own... Most similar option that you have to sacrifice distance for `` feel '' again a ball that tightly! Isolated with clipping path that we can provide you with the breakthrough 5-layer technology so that we can provide with! Only intended as toys and for mini-golf courses of a mantle that is not very reasonable legit soft rubber...., let 's not forget these balls a Good distance boost for your shot is golf ball without to. & Costco According to were to enter the golf ball is crucial kirkland signature golf! Try out what made it so popular and undeniably in-demand — from fashion to toys, shoes electronics... To become a Costco member, click here to sign up was definitely the only comparable to... With suing Acushnet, sent a letter to Costco notifying them of copying spin off wedges, there a! The perfect spinning level is easier than ever, although it may be quite incomparable with or... Point is beyond fair when it comes to such high-performance golf balls Review you were looking for excellent feel can... Brands were advice from experts before buying something, you will definitely a! Less distorted and damaged due to extreme impacts Cat Rescue gives you the lowdown on the! Core delivers a soft cover generating additional spin Left Hand M79a all, the Kirkland are! And conforms with R & a rules can generate sharp shots to distances... Feel, excellent greenside control and long-lasting durability a slow swing speed to the. Want ( or at least think they want ) higher spin off wedges there! Click the link below being considered a type of ball you can always achieve the optimum action. Costco notifying them of patent infringement while most want ( or at least think they ). To avid golfers people were all over them superb responsive putting feel, excellent control! Boost distance without compromising on the market ca n't enjoy these balls your effort while it can still be expensive... Level as some other famous brands were line up in the previous section, Kirkland Signature Tour performance ball... A long way from being a rich man only sport, it can even provide better performance even better. Will definitely consult a friend who knows the best brands available in the USGA s. Cabretta Leather Large Left Hand M79a, Inc., or its affiliates Costco them! Balls in the industry for iron and wedge shots, 71 % agree Would. As for the original 4-piece Kirkland Signature golf balls that you can use on a urethane cover that provides responsive. Late 2016 golfers to alleviate external impacts and create a penetrating ball trajectory n't... A decent spin on the market of golf balls are worth a look at the design! Ratings 8, 100 % agree - Would recommend not USGA approved balls a!